Premium Vodka

  • Vodka Vseslav Charodei

    This drink contains bee-bread extract which is known for its positive effect for human body.   This vodka also bares the name of a great Belarusian historical figure – Vseslav, the Duke of Polotsk, who lived in XI century. The pictures on the bottom show...
  • Vodka Radzivill

    This excellent vodka is named after legendary Duke of Nesvizh – Radzivill. The unique preparation technology includes silver and golden filtration of natural water, which gives the perfectly clean and soft taste and specific strong vodka flavor.
  • Gerard Depardieu Vodka

    Gerard Depardieu vodka is made from high-quality grain alcohol Belalfa using artesian water. Vodka is treated with birch activated charcoal, in addition – relic natural flint. It is made under the control of the famous French actor and winemaker Gerard Gepardier. Tasting characteristics: Balanced soft,...