• Bulbash® №1 Malt

    We produce Bulbash Malt Spirit from real Malt. The spirit is created of natural malt. The recipe is sophisticated and production is quite difficult. The malt vodka embodies taste harmony and designed to become a real high-end organoleptic pleasure. Bottle volume: 0,5L 40% ALC.
  • Bulbash® no1 Black Pearl

    Bulbash® №1 Black Pearl is vodka with only three ingredients in the composition: artesian water, «LUX ULTRA» spirit produced exclusively for «Zavod Bulbash» Llc. and passionflower extract. It has a sophisticated vodka flavour. The taste is mild and complete. The product is made with the use of...
  • Bulbash® No1 Reserve

    Bulbash® №1 Reserve is a super premium vodka aged in oak barrels. High-quality vodka is kept for 6 months in oak barrels from the distillery Tomintoul, located in Speyside, Scotland. This area is known as a «golden triangle» of Scottish whisky. Bulbash® №1 Reserve is a beverage...
  • Bulbash® Cranberry

    Bulbash® Cranberry is a uniquely soft vodka with a cranberry flavor. This vodka is produced from natural components and alcohols that went through elaborate quality control and selection. Bottle volume: 0,5 L 40% ALC.
  • Bulbash® Nano Original

    This vodka features a unique 3-stage filtration:    Charcoal— purification and softening; Silver — taste balancing, crystal transparency; Nano filtration — a special filter withholds the tiniest molecular-level substances, which ensures a smooth and mild taste . Nano Original is a classical vodka, an ideal combination of nature...
  • Bulbash® Nano Ice Shot

    Three stages of filtration (charcoal, silver, nano-filter), as well as combination of mint and lime provide for a cooling clear flavour and mild citrus aftertaste of Bulbash® Nano Ice Shot. Volume: 0,5 l, 0,7 l             40% ALK
  • Bulbash® Nano Hot Shot

    The unique combination of ginger and marmalade orange (a hybrid of tangerine and pomelo), aromatic spirit of orange extract as well as three-stage filtration system provide for a slightly warming flavour of Bulbash® Nano Hot Shot. Volume: 0,5 l, 0,7 l         40%ALK
  • Bulbash® Vodka Special

    Soft and balanced classical vodka. Charcoal and silver filtration, ‘Lux’ alcohol, Artesian water, and natural ingredients (oat flakes, dried grapes, and honey infusion) enrich this vodka’s taste and make it full and subtle. Awards: Gold medal “Prodexpo 2011” in Moskow • Gold medal “INTERNATIONAL SPIRIT...
  • Vodka Bulbash Special Grain

    Vodka Bulbash Khlebnaya – a classic, slightly tart vodka, which has a very light aroma of fresh rye bread. This vodka acquired a mild flavor due to the use of aromatic spirit of rye rusks and oatmeal infusion in the recipe. The “bread” character of...
  • Bulbash® Birch Leaves

    Special vodka Bulbash®Birch Leaves is characterized by smooth taste and slightly resinous fragrance. The spirit basis is complemented by aromatic spirits of linden blossom and birch buds, sugar syrup and fortified raisin infusion, that’s why the beverage turns out to be gentle and mild. Moreover,...
  • Bulbash® Flax

    Bulbash® Flax is a new product in the Bulbash® vodka’s line. The beverage is produced from artesian water, «Lux PREMIUM» spirit with addition of the extract of flax seeds. Bulbash® Flax is filtrated with a unique flax filter, which makes this beverage mild, balanced and complete in itself....
  • Bulbash® Linden and Honey

    This spirit keeps the memories of blossoming linden trees, honey combs, and fragrant freshly-cut grass – the best aromas of a generous Belarusian summer. Bottle volume: 0,2; 0,5; 0,7L 40% ALC.
  • Bulbash® Honey and Pepper

    Based on the old-time beverage known as ‘spicy honey’, this amazing spirit is infused with hot pepper and sweet honey. Bulbash® Honey and Pepper will get you all warm and cozy. Bottle volume: 0,2; 0,5; 0,7L 40% ALC.
  • Triple Seven Vodka

    Triple Seven Vodka – is the high – segment, it’s mix of seven alkohols filtered through coal silver and nano –filters.
  • Clubber by Bulbash®

    Clubber by Bulbash®  is a mild vodka with neutral taste and flavour developed specially for HoReCa segment. Clubber by Bulbash® is a perfect ingredient for cocktails. The balance in the recipe is provided by the combination of raisin infusion, ginger aromatic spirits and natural honey together with...
  • GreenLine Soft

    Greenline Soft features pure Artesian water and ‘Lux’ alcohol that went through charcoal and silver-treated filters. This vodka owes its soft flavor to natural ingredients mixed in optimal proportions and additional blending time that allows components to assimilate and create a balanced composition. Bottle volume:...
  • GreenLine Citrus

    GreanLine Citrus is a uniqe produkt in the Belarusian marketas, the mix from three citrus elements in a part: orange, lemon, lime. In taste the freshness of juicy orange prevails. Bottle volume: 0,5 L 40% ALC
  • GreenLine Cornflower

    GreenLine Cornflower —vodka which part infusion of petals of a cornflower, grains of wheat and extract of leaves of wild strawberry are. Possesses delicate aroma and soft taste. Bottle volume: 0,5 L 40% ALK
  • GreenLine Cranberry

    Mild vodka’s basis makes cranberry taste full opened, providing this vodka with a amazingly delicate and clean flavour and cranberry aroma. Volume: 0,2 l, 0,5 l          40% ALK
  • GreenLine Grape

    GreenLine Grape complemented the brand line with an extraordinary flavour of white grapes and almond. Vodka has a soft delicate aroma and slightly mild aftertaste. Volume: 0,5 l            40% ALK